May 14, 2012

Mama Day

Mother's Day was super relaxed. We worked in the yard a little, washed Paul's scooter, and just hung out all day. Wilder loved having Paul out in the yard with him and it was fun to watch them play together. 

Paul and I are so not "special occasion" people. We don't go all out with gifts/surprises/hooha. To be honest, we both usually just buy our own gifts. For ourselves. I'm sure that sounds weird but it suits us both just fine. So anyway, a few weeks ago I saw a Plum District (like Groupon for moms) offer for a photo session with a local photographer for like 75% off. I'd been wanting to get family pictures done here before we left, plus Wilder will be 18 months old, so it was really perfect timing. I snagged the deal and declared it my Mother's Day present. So that's what I got (gave myself) for Mama's Day. Plus some really sweet cards from my two gentlemen.

Wilder was so sweet bringing me his card.
Heart. Melt.
 I love being this boy's mama.
 "Helping" Dada ;)
Sunday night Paul had gotten us a babysitter so after Wilder went to bed we went to dinner at The Tractor Room. Can I just say... yum. Seriously THE BEST dinner I've had in San Diego. And that's saying a lot. 
Black Skillet Cornbread appetizer = amazing
 Paul had the pan-seared trout and grilled shrimp... sooo good
I had the soup of the day - this amazing chicken chowder
with potatoes and applewood bacon
 And the wedge Caesar salad, which was enormous and delish
 And we *might* have finished with strawberry cobbler
 Love this man.

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