May 10, 2012

Water Baby

The weather this week has been absolutely gorgeous and we have been thoroughly enjoying it. Wilder loves being in the water so much -- bath, pool, ocean, he doesn't care. And I love that he loves it. 

The other day I set up his baby pool in the yard and let him get in it after his nap. He was SO excited and kept saying Pooh-l. Wa-wa. Pooh-l. over and over. I gave him some cups, spoons, and funnels and let him go at it. And go at it, he did. For two hours he stood (never would sit down, I think he was too busy) in the pool filling up cups and dumping them out, splashing, etc. When it got late in the afternoon I saw him start to shiver so I made him get out but I think he would have stayed in there all night and frozen to death if I'd let him. 
He dumped water down his front no less 
than 877 times. No idea why that was so fun.
We also went to the heated pool on Coronado with Holly and Reagan this week and then to the park afterwards. Wilder loves wading around in the shallow water and watching the other kids swimming and diving. 
Today we went to a little secluded beach in Point Loma with Holly and Reagan. It was slightly overcast so we were the only ones there for most of the afternoon. Wilder played so hard -- digging in the sand, wading into the chilly water, kicking and throwing balls, and "helping" to dig for crabs. He also got to stand on someone's surfboard, which he thought was the coolest thing ever. We were there for three hours and he was so worn out when we left that he fell asleep at 5:00 on the way home and has been asleep in his bed with his clothes on ever since. 
Digging for crabs
Touching a crab
I can't wait for more water days to come!

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