May 17, 2012

A Post on My Inability to Think and Therefore to Post

Yes! I did drop out of the Blogathon. Thank you for noticing! ;)

I've just got so much swirling around in my head. Tons of to-do's for moving, cleaning for visitors coming into town, trying to loosely coordinate a man, woman, and child's outfits for our photo session next week (which is proving more difficult than I thought it would be), and cheerleading for a soon-to-graduate architecture student. There's also a good, legit blogpost swirling around in there, I promise. This just isn't it. Obviously. And I'm not sure when I'll have the brainpower to write that blogpost either. 

On a related note, have you ever tried to pack up a house with the help of an 18-month-old? It's totally productive and not frustrating at all. I really enjoyed the part where I would put something into a box and he would take it immediately out and use it as a hat, or a weapon, or just throw it, because that helped make the process go so much faster. It definitely did not take me two hours to load four boxes. That would be one box every 30 minutes and that would be just ludicrous. I'm really not even sure it's humanly possible to throw crap in a box that slowly. Packing in the presence of a toddler - highly recommended.

On another related note, as you can imagine my head is threatening to combust. I'm totally overwhelmed by the amount of said crap we've accumulated since we moved out here. Before we hauled ourselves 2,000 miles across the country the last time, we lightened our load considerably by selling probably half our stuff in a moving sale. This time we'll be coming back with approximately three times as much junk. And I'm so torn about what to do with all the baby stuff. We aren't planning on having another one for several years (if we do at all) so I hate to lug all that stuff with us and have to store it for an indeterminate amount of time. But I also hate to get rid of it and have to buy it all over again. Any thoughts from my trusty readers on this quandary?

And now, pictures. Because I have no words left in me tonight.
Love this one :)
 I think we can fit one more ball in here, Mama.
 He brought these pillows over to Rider and told her Ni-ni.
 We love eating our lunch outside these days. 
 Eagerly anticipating bubbles at story time
 He borrowed Lexi's pink sunglasses at the library
and felt the need to offset the girliness of them
with a manly display of brawn ;)

He's sweet like his daddy.
OK these pictures have reminded me that I need to get down a few things about Wilder before I forget them so it turns out I do have a few more words left.

Today I saw him walk into mine and Paul's room and I didn't hear him for a minute so I went to check on him. When I walked in and called for him, he yelled and jumped out from behind the curtain at me. He seriously scared the bejeezus out of me and thought it was hilarious. I thought it was pretty hilarious too.

We always ask him what different animals and things say of course but the other day Paul started asking him what Mama, Dada, Posey, and Rider say and it's so funny to hear him make up what we sound like. For Rider he always does a panting sound haha. What can I say, the dog's a heavy breather. 

His new favorite game at mealtimes is to pretend to be giving us a bite of something and then put it in his own mouth at the last second. He cracks us up so much these days with his little antics.
He's also smart. as. a. whip. He can recognize and say the letters B, Q, and S. And he knows the number two. For two or three weeks now, whenever he has two of something he will bring them up to us and say two. The other day I gave him a roll of duct tape to hold while I was doing something. He walked off and came back a minute later with a roll of masking tape in the other hand and told me two. His dada and I are so proud of that boy.

OK peeps, I promise a very interesting post about a very interesting topic in the near future. Thanks for standing by me even though I'm a blog challenge failure. 

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