November 25, 2011

Life of Wilder: Week Fifty-Two

 My beautiful precious Wilder is 52 weeks old today! Hooray!
We have so been enjoying have family here this week and look forward to more family arriving this weekend. Wilder has been eating up all the attention and smiling non-stop. He's gone on countless strolls with Grana and has had lots of playtime with Uncle William and Aunt Lauren. He thinks being told "Goodnight" by five people is so much fun :) 

I still have tons to do before his actual birthday tomorrow and his party on Sunday so I'm just going to post some pictures from this week and leave it at that. A more wordy "one-year" post will be coming tomorrow.
Opening his first ever birthday gift -- 
a riding airplane from Grana
 My brother and me
 Flying laps around the living room
 Watching Daddy carve the turkey
 Reading with Grana and very serious about it ;)
Punch balloons are a great toy but very counterproductive 
when trying to perform a diaper change
 Every explorer needs a proper walking stick
 Playing ball with Rider
Giving Rider a kiss
 I love Wilder's "Mom, that flash is too bright" face
 Wilder loves his Aunt Lauren
 Entertaining himself with a straw at dinner tonight
 Daddy and Uncle William putting Wilder's
slide together so we can give it to him tomorrow
OH! And this happened...
Wilder has been walking a few steps at a time for the last three or four days. They've been halting, precarious, wobbly steps but steps nonetheless. :)

Wow, I can't believe this is my last Life of Wilder post and I really can't believe I've done it for all 52 weeks of his first year. I'll definitely keep posting weekly about our lives but no more weekly pictures and mandatory post every single Friday. I think I deserve a break. Hope you all enjoy your weekend! I know I will :)

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  1. I love his explorer look. And I think all pilots should dress like Wilder in those first few pix of him flying his new airplane.

    Job well done on the Year 1 blog! It has been a pleasure to follow his progress. Please don't stop now. We're looking forward to the next chapter.


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