November 16, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Today I'm joining in on Joyce's weekly questions... because it's Day 16 of NaBloPoMo and I'm kind of a little bit sorta regretting vowing to blog for 30 days straight during this, the busiest month of my life. But I have too much pride to stop so here's a post for today.

1. What song reminds you of a specific time in your life and what is it about that song that makes you remember?
There are sooo many songs that remind me of different times in my life but if I had to choose one I would probably say Crazy Love by Van Morrison because it's what Paul and I danced to at our wedding. 

2. What's something you've given up on?
Putting the toilet paper roll on the holder (for now) because what's a funner game for a baby than to unroll the entire thing multiple times a day?

3. What's something you'll never give up on?
(Nerd Alert)... I'll never give up on books -- Paul is always saying that books on paper will soon fall by the wayside and everything will go to digital but I will never stop reading printed books. There's just something about turning a page and having a book on a shelf.

4. If you had to cook something from scratch in the next hour what would it be?
Poppyseed Chicken Casserole -- this is an all-time favorite in our house and a go-to recipe

5. Have you started Christmas shopping? Decorating? Listening to Christmas music?
I never Christmas shop this early but this year I do already have my mom's gift and a couple of things for Wilder that I picked up while birthday shopping for him. Definitely have not decorated or started listening to Christmas music. I don't want to rush through the next couple of weeks. I want to savor and enjoy Thanksgiving, Wilder's first birthday, and visits from family. But to be honest, I'm really not much of a seasonal decorator anyway for some reason. We're going to Tennessee for Christmas so I'm even trying to decide if I can get away with not putting up a tree this year. 

6. What do you know about your parent's wedding?
They were married at my mom's family's church in Covington, TN. My mom always tells the story that my dad's groomsmen took him out drinking the night before and he was absolutely green at the wedding. They didn't have flower girls or a ring bearer. They were married in November when they were both 22. My mom walked down the aisle to Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Later my mom loaned her wedding gown to a friend and it ended up burning up in a house fire. They were married almost 38 years when my dad passed away last month.

7. I can't believe I ___________________.
Have been blogging for 16 days straight! ;)

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I need to go to bed earlier.


  1. Glad you joined the HP today! So I am wondering-is So Cal a challenge for a Tennessee girl? My Tennessee boy of a husband finds NJ a bit of a challenge : )

    Keep going with the writing...I did a 30 day challenge last year. Wow, 30 days felt long!

  2. Haha well it definitely was at first but we've been here for almost three years now so we've gotten more accustomed to it and really love it. I still can't hide my accent very well though ;) I'm sure NJ is a pretty big stretch for a Southerner! Thanks for the encouragement about the challenge! I look forward to joining in on more HodgePodge's :)

  3. Books will always have a place in my life. It's not the kindle or books, it's both.

    Photography, cookbooks, design, art and style are still best in real life while chick lit, memoirs and references lend well to e-readers.

    You're not cheating btw, recipes and random topics are totally valid blog posts! We're more than half way! (I did miss one day though due to fever and nausea. Did a double to make up for it.)

  4. I never knew that about her dress!


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