November 26, 2011

One Year

Our Precious Wilder,

Today you are one year old. It has been so amazing to watch you grow and learn over the last 52 weeks and it has been such a privilege for your daddy and me to be able to witness all your little moments. We are so proud to be your parents, Wilder. 

You are so easygoing and ready to go along with whatever we're doing. You love to play games with us and imitate our actions. You pick up on things so quickly. You are a bookaholic and, as you sit in your usual pile of books, it often looks like you are cross-referencing as you flip through one, then pick up another, and then check back in the first one. I love that you love to learn -- you are like a little sponge. You are constantly pointing to anything and everything and love when we name what you're pointing to. You laugh easily and often and love to make other people laugh. Your sweet smile is like pure sunshine. You love to give hugs but also love to "get" us. You are such a little character. You are so busy all the time. You love to eat. You love to pet and pull on your doggies. You love your baths. You love balls, motorcycles, and ducks. You love to bang on things and throw things. Your new favorite word is Uh-oh and sometimes I think you drop things just to be able to say it. 

It is completely mind-blowing how much you have changed in a year and how much you have changed our lives for the better. Learning how to be parents hasn't been easy but it has been the most rewarding and fun experience of our lives. We have tried to enjoy and savor every minute we have had with you so far because you are so precious to us. The last year has been the best year of our lives because of you. You have added so much meaning, joy, and love to our lives and we truly and absolutely adore you.

Happy First Birthday, Wilder!

Mama + Daddy

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