November 2, 2011

NaBloPoMo -- Because I Should Be Vacuuming Right Now

Folks, I'm a glutton for punishment. This month is quite possibly the busiest month of the whole year, what with trying to plan a birthday party, getting ready for family to come out for Thanksgiving, taking care of an ever more troublemaking curious, energetic almost one-year-old, dealing with two whiny, needy, baby giant dogs, trying to keep the house modestly clean, and figuring out what's for dinner every night... among other things. 

But last night I read a post on my friend Lindsay's blog about NaBloPoMo -- National Blog Posting Month -- hosted by one of my favorite websites, BlogHer. The challenge is to write a blog post every day for the month of November in order to grow your blog and improve your writing. If you couldn't tell, I'm more of a once, maybe twice, a week blogger and I have everything better to do right now but I just can't resist. I love to write -- it's therapeutic for me and helps me sort things out in my head -- so maybe this challenge is just what I need during this stressful time. A way to briefly escape all the other things I need to be doing each day and center myself. I can't promise how long or inspired my posts will be and I can't promise that some of them won't be complaining about all the things I should be doing other than writing but we'll just see where this challenge takes us. It was either that or NaNoWriMo -- National Novel Writing Month -- and that definitely wasn't happening. 

And just because I always like to include pictures in my blog posts here's a silly one of Wilder eating lunch yesterday. He likes to let the cheese hang out of his mouth before taking a bite.

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