November 10, 2011

The Lunch Dilemma

I've been at the zoo this afternoon and all that exercise and fresh air has me feeling pretty lazy so this is going to be a short one where (hopefully) you do all the work.

Paul and I have an almost daily battle over what to eat for lunch, more specifically what to feed him for lunch. As far as lunch goes, I could really care less. Lately I've just been eating bits and pieces of whatever I've made for Wilder -- the crusts from his grilled cheese, half a bean and cheese quesadilla, etc. I don't feel like lunch has to be a huge meal and honestly, by the time I've fed Wilder, I totally don't feel like making something else for myself anyway. Plus, I'd rather concentrate on making a good dinner. One full meal a day is about my limit when it comes to creativity, energy, and time. 

But as you all know, Paul is a man. And that man wants a hearty, filling meal for lunch every day. He will eat a turkey sandwich with all the fixings, tortilla soup occasionally, and, begrudgingly, a couple of PB&J's every now and then but all of those options get old fast and he totally turns his nose up at anything else I suggest. I seriously feel like he wants a restaurant-quality meal for lunch every day and, if he can't get it at home, he is more than happy to get it at one of the many good restaurants downtown on his way to school. The problem is, those good restaurants come with a price and we're trying to minimize that expense.

Sooo... my question to all the wives who read this post is: If your husband is home for lunch, what in the world do you feed him?? I need suggestions for substantial lunchtime meals. If they involve a little work, I don't mind that, but I don't want to feel like I'm making two dinner meals every day. Please help! 


  1. That's a tough one. I've never really had to provide my man with lunch on a weekday. What about sloppy joes with some sweet onions and shredded cheddar on hamburger buns? Wrap instead of a traditional sandwich. Bagels with smoked salmon, onion (yes I like onions) and capers. How about a stir fry or a cobb salad?

    Is he not a fan of leftovers or eating the same thing more than once? You could cook up something early in the week for lunch which is different from dinner.

    I'm like you, totally ok with just picking at little bits of stuff. If my BF didn't live with me, I'd probably be skinnier as there wouldn't be much dinner around!

  2. luckily, chad's never home during the week but when he is it's leftovers, sandwiches or frozen meals (we love hot pockets, wanchai ferry chinese meals, chimichangas, etc.) for lunch. we also really like those chow mein meals (they're kind of like ramen noodles but WAY better). they are only 99 cents at walmart! pair that with a couple of egg rolls from the freezer, and chad is a happy camper.

    but yeah, men are never satisfied with lunchtime meals. i'm like you - i'll eat the crust from mc's grilled cheese or a lean cuisine, but chad ain't having any of that! ha. good luck, friend!

  3. Ok, I'm not a wife, but I am a man who likes a good lunch, so here's my two cents:
    -- Spaghetti = awesomeness anytime, anywhere. Cook up a big crock pot of it on Sunday to eat throughout the rest of the week and serve it with garlic bread or Texas toast. Easy!
    -- Also, breakfast for lunch is a good, easy option. Fried egg and bacon sandwiches with tomato (if he likes it) and melted pepper jack: drool!


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