November 28, 2011

Wilder's First Birthday

A friend of mine photographed the party for me so I want to wait until I get her pictures to post any from Sunday (y'all, she worked so hard!), but here are some from Wilder's actual birthday on Saturday. Some of Paul's family arrived Saturday so we did a little family birthday then. Wilder was so sweet and very interested in all the gifts. He kept climbing all over them and was so fascinated once we started opening them. I would have loved to know what he was thinking while we opened present after present. I imagine it was something like Jackpot! 
Wilder and Auntie Liz
Our little family
Wilder, Mama, and Grana
Wilder, Dada, and Daddy G
Birthday boy!
Auntie Liz decked him out in pilot gear :)
We walked to URBN Pizza down the street for dinner and had such a good time. So much good pizza too. 
Wilder is a lucky baby to have so many people who love him in his life. It meant so much to us for all of you to come so far just for him!

And I just got a sneak peek of some photos from the party from my friend. First of all, how amazing are these shots (Sissy! Thank you!) and secondly, Wilder totally dominated his cupcake, no? ;)


  1. He is adorable. I am from So California too.

  2. Too fun! I'm adding "slide like Wilder's" to my Christmas wish list. Does it come in adult sizes?

  3. Haha seriously! I have to admit I've slid down his a few times haha :)


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