November 8, 2011

Why We LUV Southwest

Y'all, Southwest is an awesome company. If you fly with them, you already know this. From their open seating policy to their quirky, hilarious flight attendants, Southwest has got it going on. I'm fairly certain that every person that works for them has to pass a rigorous friendliness test (I'm picturing something that involves army crawling in the mud under a mile of barbed wire while singing silly songs, asking "Is there anything else I can do for you, Valued Customer?" at regular intervals, and never losing the smile on their face... Am I close, Southwest?) because I have never encountered any of their employees who didn't obviously love their job and love serving their customers. By the end of this year we will have flown with a baby between San Diego and Tennessee four times -- that's eight flights in all -- and only one leg of those eight was not with Southwest (what a huge mistake that was). Flying with a baby is stressful but they have made every one of our flights with them beyond pleasant in various ways. Like I said if you have ever flown with them you already know how great they are, but if you haven't, here is just a small example.

When I decided on an airplane theme for Wilder's birthday party, I remembered that Southwest has little packages of airplane-shaped crackers so I emailed them to inquire about getting some and told them what it was for. They replied the next day saying that they were so sorry, that they were out of stock of the crackers, but could they send me some peanuts, pretzels, or anything else I wanted instead? I decided to go with the pretzels. 

Well, today I get a huge box in the mail from Southwest. Inside were a ton of little pretzel packages, a package of Southwest napkins, and this...
An adorable Southwest airplane piggy bank as a birthday gift for Wilder! Also, this letter...
I may have overreacted a little but I totally teared up. People being nice just gets to me. And, I mean, seriously? Could they be any nicer?? Any other airline, or company for that matter, would have probably not even responded to my email until after his party was over and then it would be to say that they couldn't do what I asked. But Southwest went above and beyond and that, folks, is why we LUV Southwest. 


  1. ARGH! That's too completely cool!!
    I was beginning to wonder if there were such things as flight attendants that didn't hate what they were doing and having to pretend they loooved it, which ends up looking like they're smiling while having a stone in their shoes.
    It's great to know there's such a things as awesome airlines! Thanks for sharing, if ever going somewhere they offer flights to, we know who to go with.

  2. Amazing. That kind of customer service is just unheard of these days. I love Southwest too, (especially their prices!) and fly with them whenever I can.


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